A THANKSGIVING Post about Coming!

In this time of holiday cheer and thankfulness, I am reminded of how grateful I am to have been a part of Coming: A Rock Musical of Biblical Proportions in FringeNYC this summer. It was one of those magical moments when everyone involved is in perfect alignment with some incredible material. We truly made magic.

I am so happy to share some of my reviews with you!

"Ilana Gabrielle brings a combination of pathos and spunk as well as some strong vocalizing to the role of Magda, the ex-porn star who becomes the love of Josh’s life."- NY Theatre Now http://nytheaternow.com/Content/Article/coming-a-rock-musical-of-biblical-proportions

"Ilana Gabrielle is charming as former pornographic actress Magda Plajova. Like a valiant knight, she desires to protect those she loves and will stop at nothing to help Josh Creshaw."- BroadwayWorld http://www.broadwayworld.com/off-broadway/article/BWW-Reviews-COMING-A-ROCK-MUSICAL-OF-BIBLICAL-PROPORTIONS-is-Irreverent-Fun-20140813

"In Josh's corner there's Magda (Ilana Gabrielle), a pretty Slavic girl Josh meets at a bar his first night there with some strong pipes and dark past... The cast is fantastic, playing wonderfully off each other in every scene.... North, Gabrielle and Ransom all have strong voices"- StageBuddy http://stagebuddy.com/reviews/review-coming-a-rock-musical-of-biblical-proportions

"Recommended for NYC readers: @ComingMusical in @FringeNYC. Fun show w/ great songs. Leads Glen North and Ilana Gabrielle kill it! #gothrock"- Vincent Lambert @VinceLambertNYC https://twitter.com/VinceLambertNYC/status/499249551661080576

"In addition to lead actors Ransom and North, supporting members of the consistently impressive cast are Avery Royal and Aurora Black as Damian’s demonic minions, Ilana Gabrielle as the whore Magda who falls in love with Josh, and Mark Willis Borum, Courter Simmons, and Ashanti J’Aria... All bring strong voices, great moves (choreography by Aurora Black and Rachel Klein, and a stunning slow-motion gay-bashing sequence by fight director Rod Kinter), and dazzling personality to their characters."- Phindie http://phindie.com/coming-libertine-idol-productions-the-battle-of-glamageddon-hits-fringenyc/